Vicente Allende has been a musician since the early age of sixteen. Originally from Santiago, Chile, he’s been academically into flamenco guitar since the age of eighteen under the tuition of the outstanding Chilean Flamenco guitarist Jorge Gómez (following Manolo Sanlúcar’s school tradition), and as an autodidact since the age of sixteen. At the same time he attended for couple years to the Universidad de Playa Ancha (University of Playa Ancha, Valparaíso, Chile) where he got fair knowledge of harmony and music theory- “I always thought that it was a good idea to improve myself by learning theory, despite of my very little attraction to music sight-reading. Never enjoyed it much. Probably that’s my very Flamenco side… because we are a bit lazy for that, to be honest. I consider myself more of a self-learner type of musician, and I love to see myself as a student and learn more from every other I stumble with ”-

Vicente started learning Flamenco guitar from his master Jorge Gómez and also through the three years they performed together, he got a good training while performing with him in several stages in Middle East. As soloist, he has performed in cities such as: Amsterdam, Paris, Madrid, Moscow and in most of the Emirates, being this one his residence country for already thirteen years.

After three years of successful performances along with Jorge Gómez, Vicente decided to follow his own path and started to build up his own career; his own way to interpret Flamenco and music in general. He’s also into other styles from Latin America, such as: Bolero, Bossa Nova and also Pop Ballads. Vicente feels also very influenced by the Italian popular music, for the one that he declares to be a passionate fan, including in his repertoire music from great artistes such as: Claudio Baglioni, Gianni Bella, Lucio Dalla, Lucio Battisti, Eros Ramazzotti and many more.

Vicente has dedicated also part of his life to Flamenco guitar teaching and popular music as a way of sharing the joy of music- “I strongly believe that music help us to live a better life and in general, to become a better person”- he declares.

Currently, apart of his constant work as a musician, performing in several venues in the Emirates and other countries, Vicente is working in his second album.

The first one, called “Nuestro Amanecer” (Our Dawn), contains and shows big influences of the several styles he’s been into during his whole life. It’s like a summary of his life as a musician- “Nothing has been forced regarding the styles you’ll find in my album “Nuestro Amanecer”. It is just the way I felt it and as I wanted to make it sound. It’s a non pretentious album with sounds of the Trova, Bolero, Latin Ballad and Spanish pop. Don’t deceive yourself if you are expecting Flamenco music because it is far from being so. I deep thank to my friend Ricardo Vallejos, because he’s the one that persuaded me to initiate and do this, apart of all his work as a sound engineer in all the recording process”.

Vicente, as he explains, shares his music with the world because art is meant to be shared and to give joy, to better our lives and to make our souls much more sensitives.

Long live the Music.

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